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Welcome to DoGce Vita in Lasne - Brabant Wallon !

"A story about the Communication and the Relation between Humans and dogs"

DoGce Vita is a professional Dog Behaviourist and Dog Training Centre (indoor and outdoor spaces) based in Lasne/La Hulpe

We assist you to train and guide your dog to becoming a balanced and fully integrated member of your family.

OUR COMMITMENT is to TRAIN OWNERS to educate their dog, respecting the Human and the dog psychology.

DoGce Vita, a Dog and Puppy school, offers you tools and techniques, to build a harmonious relationship with your four legs friend.

At any age of your dog, we help  owners and dogs to understand each other and to live together, in a balanced way.

Both of you will learn to communicate with each other, in a clear and effective manner, to develop a lasting bond, based on a trust and a mutual respect.

DOG TRAINER AND BEHAVIOURIST certified as professional, I created DoGce Vita to offer a wide range of services "à la Carte" to dogs owners experiencing behavior issues with their best friend or wishing to start its education on the correct way, upon its arrival at home. Our main mission is to provide solutions to our guests.

OUR ROLE is to support owners and dogs to enjoy better their relationship. We propose proven methods and knowledge with emphasis on your specific and individual needs, to get there in a positive way that both, you and your dog or puppy, will enjoy. Together, let's help your dog to achieve balance to share harmony with you in your respective day-to-day life.

DoGce Vita's GOAL : to train you to work with your dog and to make you an autonomous and respected owner.

We will help your dog to learn what kind of behaviour you expect by being its leader.

Take the lead ; become the leader of  the pack to offer pleasure and balance to your dog.

WHY EDUCATE YOUR DOG ? Through educating your dog, you enrich your relationship and create an amazing link with your best friend. A much more enjoyable relationship can quickly be developed.

HOW DOES IT WORK ? Behaviour Consultations and Dog Trainings are at your disposal for the education of your dog or your puppy.

The DoGce Vita "Puppy School" is specialized to help you and your puppy, upon its arrival at home.

ENGLISH SPEAKING : dogs trainings and sessions are available in English for owners… and dogs.

LOCATION OF DoGce Vita : in Lasne/Ohain - close to La Hulpe - Waterloo, a beautiful area of Brabant Wallon.

DoGce Vita is located at :

2 minutes from La Hulpe

10 minutes from Waterloo

15 minutes from Genval/Rixensart

15 minutes from Wavre, Bierges, Rosières

20 minutes from Braine l'Alleud

20 minutes from Brussels Uccle

30 minutes from Grez-Doiceau

Easy access and parking available for DoGce Vita guests.

Immediate boarding, destination "la Dolce Vita" for you, La DoGce Vita for your four legs best friend...

Thank you for your visit and see you soon !

Nathalie Mercier - DoGce Vita

Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Lasne / La Hulpe - Brabant Wallon (Belgium)

"My Job, My Passion"

Nathalie Mercier © 2014 Dogce Vita